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Game Crunch

Apr 28, 2017

This week on Game Crunch: Mike returns from his harrowing adventure to New York City with tales of the Nintendo World Store and traveling with the Switch.  How does Jackbox Party Pack 3 work on the go?  Brandon finds himself dabbling in a bunch of games this week from Dragon Quest Heroes 2 and back […]

Apr 20, 2017

This week on Game Crunch: It’s our 200th episode! In honor of the monumental episode the crew sits down and opens the curtain behind the scenes of production.  What does it take to edit together a weekly episode? They also talk about favorite memories, guests, outtakes and more! The episode includes a quiz – Is your...

Apr 14, 2017

This week on Game Crunch: The Internet may be up in arms about what they can share in Persona 5 but that won’t stop Brandon from talking about -REDACTED-  Nick gets to try out -REDACTED- and he feels like it is -REDACTED-! Meanwhile, Mike is still in some galaxy far away with Mass Effect Andromeda. […]

Apr 7, 2017

This week on Game Crunch: Brandon is playing catch up this week to bring us up to speed with what we missed.  Mike and Brandon both have time to chat about Mass Effect Andromeda.  It’s about making new planets and having sex, but is it Brandon’s cup of tea? He also gets to talk about […]