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Game Crunch

Nov 25, 2016

This week on Game Crunch: Mike, Brandon and Nick are off to a tropical paradise of Alola to be the best there ever was in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.  Do the many changes of the Pokemon formula make it exciting again?  Rumors go off the deep end with talk of new Shift software looming. […]

Nov 18, 2016

This week on Game Crunch: While Mike and Nick are in between games at the moment they talk about what they had been playing.  Mike takes Resident Evil remake for the PS4 for a spin.  Nick, on the other hand, returns to an old friend named Diablo III.  Brandon though finds himself in the midst […]

Nov 11, 2016

This week on Game Crunch: Happy Veteran’s Day!  It’s been a while since the last Game Debate so we decided to celebrate the day by talking about war in video games. What are your favorite war games or series? What war games would you like to see return?  What role in a video game army […]

Nov 4, 2016

This week on Game Crunch: Two major game releases this week embroil the Game Crunch crew in war! For Brandon and Nick their battle of choice is Battlefield 1. The game may be set in World War 1, but does it live up to today’s standards? Mike on the other hand is facing a war […]