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Game Crunch

Sep 28, 2014

This week on Order 333:  Mike begs the crew to try out a game of Fibbage before the podcast and they all ________! -Couldn’t Stop Playing -Loved It -Lost To Tom Wait!  All of those are true! Meanwhile, Brandon is still going strong with Destiny, Tom tries to squeeze in game time where he can […]

Sep 21, 2014

This week on Order 333: Brandon is forced to stop playing Destiny to fulfill his destiny of being on the podcast.  Tom reaffirms his undying love for Mega Man in Super Smash Bros 3DS. Meanwhile, Mike makes a shocking revelation on the future of his 3DS game purchases.  Other topics this week include: Dead Rising...

Sep 14, 2014

This week on Order 333: Tom can’t pull himself away from FTL to join the podcast so he is replaced with Not-Tom! Not-Tom (Nick) and Brandon find it’s their destiny to talk about Destiny.  Mike makes grueling survival choices in the Telltale’s Walking Dead: Season 2.  Meanwhile, the crew talks about the finer...

Sep 7, 2014

This week on Order 333: Mike sharpens his logic and deductive skills thanks to Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright.  Tom falls in love with Hunter X Hunter.  Meanwhile, Brandon and Mike spark some courtroom drama over the New 3DS. Other topics this week include: Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U, Angry Video Game Nerd Movie,...